Bachelor's degree in Public Administration and Political Science


The Bachelor's degree program focuses on both theoretical and application approaches, ensuring the student skills and knowledge to develop the interests of the public. The study is based on the fundamental elements of the design and formulation of policies and the administration of public resources, from a broad point of view, which includes political, economic and social elements beyond what is strictly a governmental issue.

Upon graduation, graduates will be prepared to gain entry-level jobs in the public fi eld. The demand for efficient, responsible and equitable public administration to address the problems of citizens requires professionals specialized in the basic studies of the administrative process and capable of understanding the complexity of governmental action.

There is also a variety of environments related to this fi eld including government, nonprofi ts, other nongovernmental organizations, fi nancial organizations, economic development and social promotion organizations, public companies, consultancies, university professorships and research are career opportunities.

In the following video some of our students speak about their experiences of studying the Bachelor's degree in Public Administration and Political Science.


Admission Profile

★ Basic knowledge in social sciences, mathematics, English and computer science.
★Oral and written communication skills, reading comprehension, critical and constructive analysis, organizational skills and teamwork.
★ Interest in the study of government and state structures.
★ Interest in the study of political ideologies, disposition for interpersonal and political relationships.
★ Social conscience and interest towards the community in service of the State.
★ Interest in fi nding solutions to complex problems of political and social origin, interest in the impartial distribution of public goods.

Graduates Profile

Graduates will be professionals committed to their mission of attending, evaluating and off ering solutions based on ethical values. They are capable of:
★ Interpret the articulation between the power of the State and the political system, through the analysis of the theories of political science and public administration to propose innovative alternatives of public policies, with social commitment.
★ Evaluate public policies and programs to propose improvements that strengthen governmental operational and fi nancial administration systems, through theoretical and methodological models, in accordance with the contemporary development of public management, with social responsibility.
★ Apply the principles of scientifi c research to analyze and strengthen decision making in diff erent areas of public administration through the use of qualitative and quantitative methods, in an objective and responsible manner.
★ Infer the problems and areas of opportunity of the regional context to propose joint solutions between the State, civil society and international organizations, through observation and proposals, with empathy and respect.

Occupational field

The graduate of the Public Administration and Political Science works in:
★ The public sector, through the agencies that plan and develop public policies.
★ Areas related to the evaluation of public policies, management of human, materialand financial resources; as well as impact studies.

★ Academic and research institutions in the analysis of theoretical and application approaches.

★ In civil society organizations that make analyzes and present proposals for the improvement of social reality.
★ In electoral, federal and local institutions for the organization and qualifi cation of the elections.

Synthesis of the Study Plan

1. Basic stage: Includes a Common Core of 3 semesters with a total of 109 credits, where 97 of them are compulsory and 12 are optional. The learning units for this stage are 17 compulsory and 2 optional.
2. Disciplinary stage: Common Core of 3 semesters. Includes 96 compulsory credits and 30 electives. The learning units for this stage are 16 compulsory and 5 optional.
3. Terminal stage: Common Core of 2 semesters. Includes 30 compulsory credits and 42 electives. The learning units for this stage are 5 compulsory and 7 optional.

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